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paulien. 22. communication specialist. journalism student. sagittarius in heart & soul. antwerp at week|tongeren at weekends. enthusiastic. energetic. open-minded. I  sun. (deep/jazz/tech house) music. books & especially the combination of those three. good food. inline skating. nico pusch. red fruit. gentlemen. chocolate (in all kind of ways). baz luhrman. gucci parfum II. klangkarussell. green. peonies. cooking. antwerp. high heels. fiskebar. the kalkbrenner brothers. lamb. collages. dire straits. black & white. hotels. le vernis 491 rose confidentiel de chanel. razor clams. converse. martini fizz. play plane. skiing. oliver koletzki & fran. taking baths. v for vendetta. driving at night. grapefruit. pictures. ice cream. balaton sound. languages. christmas shopping. parties. frozen yoghurt. disney movies. pillows. minimalism. marc lagrange. soundcloud. dresses. resto reviews. la roux. stieg larsson. colombiana. traveling. men in suits. my dad’s music. city tripping. sales. baileys on the rocks. the king’s speech. paillette skirts. lazy red cheeks. supertrash. zona tortona. berlin. javanais. the adjustment bureau. nelly furtado. irish whisky. bob marley. mascara. organizing. gent. my parents & my brother. dame blanche. leather. kusmi tea. lip balm. club med. sauna. sweet coffee. pocahontas. mc donald’s. coldplay. french. charlatan. dancing. disneyland. oreo. stubru. tuscany. blanckaert. paul smith. I really really really don’t like cigarettes. dt-mistakes. grey weather. dentists. cold.


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